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Youth Football - The First Week of Practice - What Do You DO?

The Very First Week of Football Training

For a lot of youth football coaches they allow the very first week of training for "conditioning" with no pads. For some this is a league rule, for others it is an inclination that is conventional.

Many Do What they Do

For a lot of youth football coaches, what they do in this first week has a lot to do with what they did as a child when they played youth football or perhaps they practiced in High School. I understand when I first began training I simply used the same training exercises and strategy I'd used as a youth football player 25 years earlier. We did all the things I'd endured through, monkey rolls, hills, crab practices, grass practices, firemens carrys, bottom rolls, laps, pushup, sit ups, squat thrusts, gassers, line exercises, etc etc We were a team which was never going to be out-conditioned we were going to win that 4th quarter, blah blah bah.

We Transformed

That all changed about 10 seasons ago after I had the joy of training Jay Smith that had trained at Canyon Springs High School in California, with a former High School trainer. Two USA Today National Championships, his teams had won. This trainer did things different than most of us had been used to, no grass exercises, no monkey rolls, no crab exercises, no gassers, if it was not football related he did not do it. This trainer took a 2-8 team and turned them into a 10-0 team in a single season in the competitive division in the league I 'd teams in. The outcomes couldn't be contended with, while most of us were quite skeptical of his strategies. He had quite different results than his forerunner using an entirely different way of football training and took the same children.

The Results

It got me analyze everything we were doing. We looked at our exercises to decide precisely how each and every exercise or action was helping us achieve our targets. In the end we gutted about 80% of what we were doing in favor of an entirely distinct training methodology that focused on youth football teams, not pushup or imp throw winners and developing football skills. In the very first year of going to this at the time ground-breaking procedure, the aggregated winning percentage of the plan went from the 30-40% region to 61%, in the subsequent season it increased to 81% as well as our plan won the "A" League Championship in all 3 age groups ( had never been done before or since), ages 8-10, 11-12 and 13-14. Additionally, our "B" plans did exceptionally well also, with several division and League Championships to boot.

Your First Week Goals SHOULD be:

Consider doing things a bit differently this season in the event you are trying to find different results than you have had before. These are our targets for the very first week of no pads training:Value players for positions and place them in the right position on defense and offense that suits the teams as well as the players skills needs.

Instruct the players just how to interact correctly with other players and the coaching staff. This really is what a lot of folks refer to as learning how to be "coachable".Acquire an excitement within the children for playing on our team and playing football.Educate the essential building blocks of foundation blocking and handling (yes without pads and without contact)

Educate the numbering process that is foundation and play calling process for the offense.Educate appropriate positions and schisms.Educate the explosive first step and for the offensive linemen their first 2 steps that are volatile.For backs (we discover who our backs are in the very first practice), seating the ball and ball security. Learning appropriate body slim and hastening through contact (dummy contact).

Educate the base defensive configuration, base doctrine and the targets of the defense.At the conclusion of week 1 all players are going to be in their defensive and offensive positions, understand what it's called and what positions they're in.Essential Theories Used to Achieve These Goals

A number of the things we do to make sure we achieve these aims:
Keep all movements in the 6-7 second range with maximum effort. Let 30-50 seconds (depending on strenuousness of motion) for healing. For matters like halt and burst repetitions that need only a few measures there's no reason for going at a rate slower than 1 representative every 12 seconds for linemen. For first 2 step exercises, you need to have the ability to do a team representative every 6-10 seconds. The keys to this methodology is an extremely fast training rate, no wasted time little groups, or movements, a great deal of technique perfecting form education/exercises and a lot of halt and burst repetitions. To educate all the preceding we do not have the time to set aside to do conventional conditioning. Like many Schools and High School teams we condition within the context of team building game or an interesting assessment or within the fast paced limits of our routine training.

We went to this methodology we were a bit nervous the very first year, we'd constantly been conditioning fanatics. Our results were combined, although we were constantly going to win through better conditioning. Our first match was Labor Day weekend 8 seasons past and it was about 95 degrees out and about 80% humidity, it was a steam bath. We were actually worried about our children having the capability to play 4 quarters of football in those types of states as we'd not run lap or one gasser in the 4 weeks leading up to this match. The end result was our children after leading by only 2 touchdowns at the half won that first game in a blowout. We defeat as it turned out the team ended up in 2nd place at seasons end behind my team. I might add we're a no-huddle team and also the match goes that much quicker for us and generally results in about 30 offensive catches in many matches.

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