Saturday, 9 January 2016

Common Queries About Invisalign

The latest technique that is followed by the Century Stone Dental services in order to straighten the teeth is termed as Invisalign. This particular procedure will be very useful in order to get the necessary smile. When it comes to the traditional methods that are used in order to straighten the teeth, they are said to be more painful and physically visible. But Invisalign will be preventing both these troubles in an efficient manner and hence it is said to be the recent favorite of the patients. Here is a small and simple overview about the Invisalign.
This is a dental procedure that will be using the 3D computer imaging in order to design the Invisalign according to the jaw structure of the patient. In fact, this is one among the reasons that makes this procedure more preferable and effective. Proper planning from the initial position of the teeth till its final position will be done here. Since clear aligners will be used here, it will not be possible to see the Invisalign very easily after it is worn. According to the movement of the teeth, the Invisalign set will be varied every two weeks until the final or desired alignment is reached.
In the traditional teeth straightening methods, it will not be possible to brush the teeth or eat the food comfortably. But this will not be the case when it comes to the Invisalign as it can be removed and fixed by the user at the times of need. There will be no usage of any type of metal brackets here, and this will ensure there is no irritation in the mouth. Make sure the Invisalign treatment is done by a professional who is trained else it might cause unnecessary issues during the time of treating. In this method, there might be a slight discomfort while the teeth are moved to the targeted position.